Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you have had a lovely holiday and a great start to a new year.  This is a time in which it seems the whole world is beginning anew.  We are making resolutions and plans as we look ahead into the new year.  We dream of all the things we can do and places we can go as we color a new canvas with new experiences and new ideas.  This year I simply want to grow.  I want to be more than I am and feel ready to move ahead.  I want to read new books, learn new skills, try new things, and foster deeper, long-lasting relationships.  I want to spend time with those most precious to me and make lots and lots of new memories.  What do you want for the new year?

Today, I want to share with you a little decorating magic that took place recently.  I had purchased this gorgeous frame at Goodwill not long ago.  With a lovely Christmas picture and bowl of vintage shiny brites it became a perfect Christmas centerpiece.  Now I needed something new.  I found another lovely picture and then while perusing a favorite magazine, Romantic Homes, I found another idea.  Someone had used silver goblets to hold roses.  Three of these had been placed on silver tray.  I believe it was called a Gustavian design style.  I thought it was quite pretty and wished I could do something similar.  Then I remembered that we had some silver goblets that had been used at Halloween a few years ago.  I brought one out and added some silk roses that I already had on hand.  And Voila!

Quite lovely isn't it?  I am very pleased with my little vignette.  It brings me much joy every morning as I sit and do my bible study and a little reading.

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  1. That is beautiful Melissa and I love that you would like to grow in 2012. Perfect thing to aspire to for your soul!