Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I love making things!  It is so much fun to play with paper, scissors, glue, ribbon, and such.  I like to think of it as playtime for grown ups.  And nothing is as satisfying as seeing the tiniest bit of an idea come to life in my own two hands.  Lately, I've been fussing around the house working on some little decorating items.  Sometimes, it's the littlest touches that make a house a home.

I thinking of Valentine's Day when I remembered these little grapevine hearts that were in my stash.  I found these little roses also in my stash and put them together.  Then, I looked through my ribbon and found this pretty blue.  Instantly, I knew what I was going to make.  It looks lovely on my candle doesn't it?  Pretty and simple.

This heart was fun to make, even if I had to make it twice.  Originally, I wrapped this styrofoam heart with gold ribbon and a sheer burgandy ribbon and added the flowers.  I had it hung on the door until I bought a lovely wreath with hydrangeas and roses.  I temporarily hung it on the knob of a curio cabinet and forgot to move it before going to bed.  My sweet kitty views all ribbons as toys made just for her delight.  The next morning I found the burgandy ribbon in less than perfect condition.  So, I went back to the ribbon stash and found this lovely floral ribbon and went to work.  I believe it turned out even better the second time around.  I am more than pleased and it is hanging in a place safe from the kitty.

I do love embroidery hoop wall art and just had to make something for Valentine's Day.  I am so pleased and love it so much, that I think I just may keep it up year round. 

Finally, I've been reading a few books and gathering ideas for my own self-journey and I keep coming back to journaling.  So, I decided to make my very own journal.  I've seen other bloggers and artist create the most amazing journals using vintage books and their own unique art.  I wasn't sure I was skilled enough.  I made up my mind to just to do it.  I am thrilled with the outcome.  It was so much fun to make and now I can't wait to start writing.

Before I sign off here's a final picture of the lovely wreath I mentioned above.
Have a lovely, blessed, creative day!

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