Saturday, January 14, 2012


My day has begun with an unexpected surprise:  a package arriving in the mail.  Inside are 4 books and CD's by 7 different artists.  The package traveled here from New York City. It was sent by a friend, a penpal.  A girl I have never met and only spoken with through the written word.  We met by chance encounter.  We visited the same website.  We share a name for she, too is called Melissa.  And now, a surprise, a package, a gift of music and words.  I don't remember the first story I heard or the first song, but I am grateful.  Both words and music have taught me that everyone has a story and there are many ways to see the same story.  Words, music, painting, photography - all art is a means of sharing stories.  Lissa is a part of my story.  Her gift - the stories contained therein - are now part of our story.

Thank you Lissa for your kindness and generosity.  Thank you sharing your story with me and becoming a part of mine.

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