Sunday, February 12, 2012

It all started with a book called "Taking Flight:  Inspiration & Techniques to give your Creative Spirit Wings."  The second chapter in the book talked about our fears and how we often allow them to keep us from trying new things or living our potential.  The end of the chapter showed a step by step guide for making a lovely art piece.  It seemed simple enough, broken down into little bits.  I thought I might give it a go.  Fast forward a bit and you will find me going through my old scrapbooks.  I found a picture I painted in Kindergarten.  It was typical Kindergarten fare.  I remembered just how much fun and pleasure I derived from standing in front of the easel, paint brush in hand, pretty colors of paint, and a blank piece of paper.  Somewhere along the way, I have become a bit of a perfectionist, always thinking of the final outcome, and getting frustrated when things don't quite work out the way I plan.  I knew I needed and wanted to let go of that and just create and have fun.  I wanted to return to the joy of standing in front of the easel in Kindergarten.  The project I had been thinking about trying seemed perfect.  So I made a little trip to Hobby Lobby for a board, paint, and a few other supplies.  I pulled out the card table, covered it with newspaper, set out my supplies and got busy playing. 

This was so fun much to make.  I played with new materials, tried new techniques, and even embraced any flaws.  My focus was on the process and the act of creating and that made all the difference.  I can't wait to do more!!!!

I made the skirt and top using Sculpey clay which was then painted and baked.  After baking I added the embellishments.  The background is composed of several layers of paint using various techniques.  The patterns and texture were made using bubble wrap, shelf liner, and a shampoo bottle lid.  I also used a charcoal pencil to add more detail.   I know I've said this before, but this was so much fun to make.  I am already thinking about other items that might be used for pattern/texture.  So, go create something and have fun!!!!


  1. you're quite creative and I'm the book inspired you to start creating again.

    have a sweet day.