Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Living/Dining Room Remodel

We've been hard at work this weekend painting and decorating our living/dining room.  We still have one wall and half of a wall to finish but I couldn't resist showing you how it was coming.  We have been moving furniture, painting, and redecorating one wall at a time. 

I wanted a neutral color that wouldn't be too dark or too light.  This room has three windows that let in a lot of natural light.  I love natural light and didn't want to overwhelm it with a too dark wall color.  I wanted it to be neutral so that any other changes we wanted to make with curtains, furniture, etc would work with the walls.  This taupe shade called Wheat Bread from Behr is perfect.  It is absolutely gorgeous!

These corner cupboards had a white paper with a small blue print on the glass windows.  Once I started painting I realized that the white was too much.  It was too bright and too glaring.  We had bought a roll or two of the toile contact paper to line the island (Hubby built a shelf inside to help with storage) and I found it perfect for the cupboards.  We bought a couple more rolls and I absolutely love the end result.

I have some art projects in the works that I eventually want to hang on this wall.  I am not in any hurry though. 

Here is a photo of the new curtains we purchased.  I just love how they look in the room.  The tiebacks are ribbon from my stash.  It worked just perfectly.  Yes, this room is coming together beautifully and I couldn't be happier with the results.  I am hoping that this weekend we can paint the rest of room.  I'll be sure to take pics when it's all finished!

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