Monday, June 11, 2012

Acrylic Painting 101

So, as per my Sand Pail List (see here), I have begun my journey in the world of painting.  I bought a book all about acrylic painting and started reading.  I soon discovered that sketching/drawing is a part of painting.  Painters draw as a means of studying their subject and guiding their painting.  Aside from doodling hearts and flowers in the margins of notebooks, I haven't really done any drawing or sketching.  I bought another book called "An Introduction to Art Techniques" and read the section on drawing.  I learned that many of the techniques used with a pencil to get certain effects are the same techniques used with a paint brush.  I also found a starting point for sketching.  Sunday afternoon I picked up a sketch pad, pencils, etc and chose my subject.  Here is my very first sketch.

It is of a decorative bottle I found at Hobby Lobby sometime ago.  It sits on the table in my reading nook with roses in it.  Obviously, I chose not to draw the roses.  And, I did not copy the label exactly.  The idea was to practice drawing ellipses as well as shading.  It also helped to begin honing my observation skills.  I couldn't help having a little more fun and jazzing up the label with my watercolor pencils.  Watercolor pencils are fun and easy to use.  They can be a great tool for card making, scrapbooking, and/or mixed media.  I am also learning more and more about various artists and discovering ones I like and don't like.  One can learn a great deal from studying the masters.  This is becoming a crash course in art history as well.  I had no idea that learning to paint would entail so many different things.  This journey may be a long one, but it is indeed going to be fun!

For anyone interested click here for more information about watercolor pencils and how they work.

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