Friday, July 6, 2012

Bright Colors and Pretty Accessories

I was reading my usual blogs and viewing my usual tumblrs and I discovered these gorgeous dishes/enamelware.  I fell in love instantly.  I set out to see what I could learn about these gorgeous dishes.  I traced them to Coco Rose Diaries which is a lovely, delightful blog.  In this post she calls them Canal/Kashmiri. 

photo by Coco Rose

Photo by Coco Rose

I have searched and searched for more information and haven't found anything.  I do know that Kashmiri is in India.  They are known for many handcrafts including rugs, enamelware, shawls, paper mache, basketry, and embroidery.  During my investigation I happened upon these:

Smithsonian Store

National Geographic

I am completely in love and desire some of these beautiful handmade, paper mache, Kashmiri bangles!  I am so inspired by the colors and the artistry.  Are you inspired?  I do hope so and I wish for you an inspired and beautiful weekend!


  1. The states name is not Kashmiri,it is Kashmir or Jammu and Kashmir :)

    If you like handicrafts,try searching for Dokra art of West Bengal and Katha stitch(handloom) of West Bengal,India

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I am Aamir and i am from Kashmir and currently live in New York.
    I have a friend who deals with Paper Machie and Handicraft items.
    I can help you if you want.


  3. Hi Melissa,
    I am an artist making handpainted enamelware,can make any design of your choice.please contact me at my whatsapp number 00919868164614
    Anayat Khawaja
    Kashmir India