Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Art Shelf

My two sweet adorable kitties had a bad habit of scratching their claws on the back of my chair.  I have tried all kinds of tricks and tips to break this very bad habit.  Nothing was working.  Then an idea came to me.  My husband and I live in the house in which he grew up.  At some point his parents walled in the front porch making it a part of the house and creating two new rooms.  One of those is an open alcove you see upon entering the house.  Once you enter and take a few steps there is another door.  This was once the front door.  It occured to me that if we took this door off its hinges it would open up some space in the room.  We could move the book shelf down and then push my chair back up against the wall, safe from little kitty claws.

It worked like a charm. The room now feels much bigger and more open.  My chair is safe.  And as a bonus I found myself with new wall space to decorate.  I remembered this shelf I had found one day while cleaning that just needed a little paint to spruce it up.  My sweet husband painted it and hung it for me.  I then had the fun of decorating.  I have seen photos in magazines of art sitting on a narrow shelf and propped up against the wall.  I loved the idea and was excited to be able to implement it in my own home.  I can use various elements and change it whenever I like or the fancy strikes.

For now my little shelf is showcasing a piece of map art and a kitty embroidery hoop art that I made.  It is also showcasing a redbird drawn by my husband.  The bottle with flowers also serves as a frame for a photo of my mom.  My husband gave me the little kewpie.  The dolphin is from a trip to Florida and the postcard is from the Gone With The Wind Museum in Jefferson.  Oh and the dress form is a paper mache form I found at Michael's and painted/decorated myself.  The clipboard was a flea market find and is currently showing off an Audrey Hepburn print.  This little shelf just may be one of my favorite pieces of home decor in the whole house.  It's pretty.  It's art. And it's personal!

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