Monday, August 13, 2012

Back - to - School Gift

I found a lovely wreath one day on Fancy Frugal Life and immediately thought of my sister.  She teaches first grade and I knew she would love a wreath for her classroom.  I basically followed the tutorial, however, I did make a few changes.  I did not cut the pencils.  Also I purchased two MDF rings which I found in the floral section of Michael's.  I used Sobo craft glue to adhere the pencils to one of the rings.  Then I used wood glue to adhere the second ring, sandwiching the pencils between the two.  I hoped this would hold well, make the wreath sturdier, and make it easier to hang.  I glued the crayons on the second ring again using Sobo craft glue.  I decided to keep with the pretty sunburst pattern.  I found all of my craft supplies at Michael's.  This was fun to make.  My sister loved it!  I want to thank Fancy Frugal Life for this fantastic idea!

All of my supplies gathered and ready to go!

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