Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hello All! I'm back!

It would seem I've been absent for a bit.  I knew I hadn't gotten a post up in a bit, but had no idea I'd let so much time pass.  I have been busy and active lately in other ways.  We went to a big haunted house with some other young couples from church.  It was such a fun night out.  We visited Graystone Manor in Longview, Texas.  The adventure started with the manor itself and then a haunted cemetery and a labyrinth.  I had never been to a haunted house before and was a little nervous at first. I soon got into the swing of things and had a great time.  Fun and fellowship are a perfect way to get into the spirit of Halloween.  I highly recommend paying Graystone Manor a visit if you are in the area.

We also attended the first ever Texarkana Renaissance Faire!  It was cold and windy and still so much fun.  They had a lot of lovely vendors.  Of course the most fun is hanging out with friends.  I did bring home three lovely pendants.   I also picked up a little something for my niece for Christmas!  I do hope she likes it!  

Finally, we decided to drive to Shreveport and check out the Red River Revel which is a big arts festival.  The weather was perfectly lovely on this day.  We both thoroughly enjoyed our little outing.  I wore home a brand new fascinator purchased from Bedford Falls Headwear.  I am enchanted with my little clip.

We also brought home a print from Lorenz Art.  It a funny little color blind owl named Alvin.  We both fell in love with his birds.  They are sweet, precious, funny, and painted with lots of bright colors.  I can't help smiling whenever I see Alvin.  Oh, and we bought a little hand painted lacquer horse for my nephew for Christmas from Laquerware by Linda.  I also thoroughly enjoyed Sara Jane Swanson's Art By Nature, Carl M Crawford's unique collage art, and Trish Ransom's Debris Art.  There was so much to see and admire.  We capped the day with yummy funnel cake and then headed for home.

Stay tuned!  More fun posts to come!

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